Montego has just launched their new range of Grain Free, high protein foods, Field + Forest.

Field + Forest has the finest hand-selected ingredients that are steamed in their own juices to perfection.  No added water.


Field + Forest mimic the ancestral diet of dogs, so no additives have been added. Protein-centric recipes mimic this diet by using a range of meat, including the organs, bones and cartilage. This provides diversity and truly holistic nutrition, maximising the provision of natural nutrients without the need for synthetic augmentation.

Large to Giant breed puppies grow fast during their early life stages.  With 60% protein from meat, organs, cartilage, eggs and oils, this food provides everything they need for growth and physical development. Field + Forest offers overall conditioning, well-being and supports your puppies immune system.

Field and Forest Turkey& Duck Large Breed Puppy

SKU: 0070
  • Turkey meal (17.5%), deboned poultry* (12%), poultry liver* (11%), whole green peas (10%), duck meal (5%), chicken fat, whole egg, cellulose, whole chickpeas, carrot slices (4%), grated butternut, hydrolyzed ostrich liver, sliced orange, shredded apples, flaxseed, fish oil, sugar beet pulp, inulin, salmon oil, cranberries, marine algae, encapsulated fatty acids, milk thistle, ground oregano, ground peppermint, ground rosemary, rooibos extract and bacillus subtilis as a probiotic.

    Nutritional additives: Vitamin A 15 000 IU/kg, Vitamin D3 1 500 IU/kg, Vitamin E 275 IU/kg, Vitamin B complex 200mg/kg, zinc 100mg/kg, manganese 20mg/kg, iron 125mg/kg, copper 20mg/kg, iodine 1.5mg/kg and selenium 0.5mg/kg.