Basic acquarium set, including pump, gravel and fishnet with an enclosed roof - making this the ideal starter kit for any future enthusiast.

DARO Fish tank starter kit 61cm

  • Single unit of Wc100

    Daro/Boyu thermometer with suction cup 

    Black grain canopy 615 X 325mm 24'

    All glass tank 615 X 325 X 325mm

    Via aqua combined heater 150watt

    Boyu-submers filter W/spray bar 178 x44 x 122mm

    Flo-glo extra day hi-glow 18' 460mm 15w ( white light)

    Aquarium gravel medium 2kg

    A single unit of DFF1620

    Fishnet number 376Mm

    Universal fitting  20w 

    One plant

    Sera guide aquarium setup