Basic aquarium set, with a filter (includng air pump, charcoal, wool and corner filter), background, anti-cholorine, fish food, fish net and gravel. Perfect for any fish enthusiasts. 


DARO Fish tank starter kit 45cm

  • All glass tank: 460X 230X 300mm

    Black canopy: 450 X 225mm

    A single unit of  Wc100

    Fishnet: No 3,76mm

    Boyu- Submers Filter W/spray Bar 178 X 44 X122mm

    Via Aqua Combined Heater 50 Watt

    Daro/Boyu  Thermometer with suction cup

    Aquarium gravel medium 2kg

    A single unit of DFF 1620, Universal fitting 20w

    Sera guide- aquariu setup, 

    One plant