Plumage Enhancer’s combination of food and supplements is the best way to ensure you offer the best parrot food.

Animal Zone Parrot Food - Plumage enhancer

SKU: 0032
  • Take extra care of your parrot’s feathers by feeding them the AnimalZone Parrot Food Plumage Enhancer.

    This Plumage Enhancer is specially formulated with Vitamin E and Carotene to ensure that your parrot’s feathers can grow healthy, shiny, and strong. The ingredients, contained in the food, has both nutritional and supplemental benefits for your parrots and do not only serve as tasty parrot food but also a necessary part of a healthy diet.

    These Plumage Enhancer kibbles are ideal for everyday feeding and can be served as the base diet in parrot food, as it contains all the nutrients that are essential for your parrot’s everyday diet.

    To serve, simply fill your parrot’s feeding bowl to the desired or recommended amount and regularly refill the bowl as the kibbles run out.s can benefit from this item.